Hey I’m Zerricka and I’m a 14 year old freshman at King College Prep. I’m the baby of DAP and proud of it. My favorite tool is the Mytre saw, it’s so big and I really like powerful things! Here  at DAP, there were a lot of fun days but my favorite days by far are the ones when everyone in the program come together and just sit and talk. Through DAP my teacher Norman, I’ve learned to be more more driven and hardworking and I am very grateful. Here at DAP I’ve made a lot of good friends and I feel like being with each other so often has made us a family. Every likes everyone. Shahtionna is really hardworking and funny, Kyndal is really creative, Nkosi is a really good thinker and reasoner and Liz is even funnier than Shationna, she makes me want to come to work.